Project QUEST Graduate Recognition Ceremony recognizes 131 students on a QUEST to change their lives

Adriana R. Garcia, Ph.D.
Dec. 13, 2016
San Antonio, TX

On Tuesday December 13th, Project QUEST recognized 131 students who completed a program of study with tuition assistance and support from its various skills training programs. Many of these students have faced multiple obstacles to reach their goal, but their employment situation is set to take a new turn. In 2015-2016 the average QUEST participant entered the program with a starting salary of $11,034, increasing their salary upon graduation to $42,185, resulting in a 282% increase in wages.

The 131 students being recognized successfully completed training programs in ten individual career tracks, meeting San Antonio’s fast-growing demand for job skills of the new economy, in fields such as cyber security, web development, IT security administration, and other growing, in-demand fields. QUEST also filled a critical need in the field of healthcare, helping to graduate 33 Registered Nurses and 13 Licensed Vocation Nurses.

Career tracks and number of individuals participating in the QUEST recognition include:

Registered Nurse 33
Network Operations 27
Linux Systems Administration 20
Licensed Vocational Nurse 13
Cyber Security 12
Full Stack Software Development 11
Software Development – JAVA 10
Diesel Mechanic/Heavy Equipment 3
Aircraft Maintenance 1
Front End Engineering 1