Project QUEST moves low-skilled workers into middle class

Programs to train low-skilled, underemployed adults to move up the economic ladder are notoriously ineffective, but Project Quest in San Antonio has hit on a formula with a now-proven track record.

Project QUEST Receives $1M to Expand Skills Training Programs and Resources

Project QUEST Receives $1M to Expand Model Providing Transformative Skills Training Programs and Resources to San Antonio Residents in Need San Antonio-based Project QUEST is a Workforce Intermediary that Provides Career Opportunities to…

QUEST Hires David Zammiello as Executive Director

Project QUEST has hired David J. Zammiello as their new Executive Director. Click here to view the press release.

Project QUEST Receives Innovations in American Government Award, Ash Institute

The Innovations in American Government Awards program was founded in 1985 through a partnership between the Ford Foundation and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The program’s mission is to recognize, promote,…

San Antonio's Quest

Originally published in the Austin American-Statesman by Bill Hobby We’ve read a lot about job training programs that don’t work. This is about one that does. With manufacturing jobs migrating offshore at a rapid rate, structural unemployment…